No Place To Go by Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra To Play Live In Dun laoghaire

Edited By: Alan Finn

Aiken Promotions presents


The Irish Premiere of






The Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire

October 6th


Tickets priced €20 on sale now from Tel +353 1 231 2929





Written by Ethan Lipton

Music Composed and Performed by

Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra


Aiken Promotions proudly present, the Irish premiere of Ethan Lipton’s massively acclaimed off-Broadway show

NO PLACE TO GO,  at the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire. Co Dublin.  Directed by, Leigh Silverman and written 

by  “Ethan Lipton, with music composed by, Ethan Lipton and, His Orchestra, this will be the, Irish premiere of the acclaimed off-broadway hit.


The story: The company where he’s worked for the past 10 years is moving to another

planet, and Ethan Lipton doesn’t want to go. Part love letter to his co-workers, part query

to the universe, part protest to company and country, NO PLACE TO GO delivers an

irreverent and personal musical ode to the unemployed.

“Eathan, is our modern Every- man, a fantastic amalgam of, Woody Guthrie and Woody Allen,

said Artistic Director Oskar Eustis. “No Place To Go is incredibly insightful,

timely, and delightful.


The songs of Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra are steeped in, American traditions of yore

(jazz, blues, country, lounge), but his subjects are thoroughly modern (internet romance,

racism, pets, police). It all adds up to a hilariously cockeyed view of an odd, disjointed

age. Popmatters calls Lipton, “A sardonic voice that offers an unlikely kind of comfort

against the vagaries of everyday life.”

Lipton is joined by his incomparable “Orchestra” of Eben Levy (guitar), Ian Riggs

(upright bass) & Vito Dieterle (sax), a trio that’s been playing with him for seven years.

Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra (“Best Lounge Act” New York Magazine) has

released four albums and played throughout New York and beyond (Joe’s Pub, Bryant

Park, Celebrate Brooklyn, MASS MoCA, Camden Opera House, etc.). The band has been

featured on radio shows such as “Weekend Edition,” “The World,” and “Soundcheck,”

and contributed songs to Clash cover album “Sandinista” and the film “The Shift.” As a

performer, Ethan has worked with Laurie Anderson, Cynthia Hopkins, Elevator Repair

Service, Matt Berninger of The National, and Gabriella Barnstone.

As a playwright, Lipton’s plays have been seen and heard in New York, Los Angeles,

Seattle, Edinburgh (Scotland) and Berne (Austria). He is a winner of a NYFA grant and a

Drama-Logue Award for playwriting. He has been a Kesselring prize nominee, an

O’Neill Conference finalist, a member of the Public’s Emerging Writers Group, and he is

currently a Playwright’s Realm Fellow.




“Three-Tear Plan” from Ethan Lipton’s NO PLACE TO GO



THE NEW YORK TIMES “This is a show for anyone who has stayed up nights worrying that life might go into free fall — immensely appealing” Ben Brantley


THE VILLAGE VOICE “Entertainingly poignant” Miriam Felton-Dansky


TIMEOUT NY “A wry, gently angry defense of classic New York humanity” Adam Feldman


BBC’s SATURDAY REVIEW “There’s that long tradition in the American theater of the failure of the American Dream…Arthur Miller did it with Willy Loman in ‘Death of a Salesman,’ then ‘Glengarry Glen Ross,’ David Mamet did it Shelley Levene. And here, it seems to me, is a figure for the 21st Century”


THE GUARDIAN “He is the bard of the Great Recession, a troubadour of the downturn that crashed in on us in 2008 but which had, in truth, been coming for decades” Jonathan Freedland


HUFFINGTON POST “If there is a better love letter to New York, we haven’t seen it” Kathleen Massara


NY POST “The spirit of Woody Guthrie is alive and well in the East Village!” Frank Scheck


NPR’S WEEKEND EDITION “Hilarious, twisted, sophisticated, schleppy and sad all at once…

… songs that take the mundane of life and twist it.”


NEW YORK MAGAZINE  “With his earnest brown suits, mournful eyes, and neat mustache, Ethan Lipton looks less

like a silken-throated lounge lizard than he does a beaten-down ad salesman—an ordinary

Joe singing gentle songs about everyday life.”


PRI’S THE WORLD “There’s a singer in Brooklyn who seems to be loved by nearly everybody who hears

him…a singer with the cynicism and heart of Serge Gainsbourg, and the observant mind

of a standup comic.”

Credit Image from Google Images. Video taken from you tube, & Its called Song Inside You, by Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra.



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