Passer By Saves Residents From Apartment Blaze In the Dublin 8 area today.

A passer by who was out walking past an apartment block in the Pim Street area, Off Dublin 8 quickly prevented a serious fire from becoming a tragedy .This fire happened on a 2nd floor apartment block near the old Marrowblane halting site at around 11:40am today.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide spoke to this passer by about his hero actions.

Gerry Fitz, who just happened to be passing noticed black smoke bellowing from the 2nd floor apartment and on hearing the fire alarms going off he quickly entered the smoking building and began to knock on all the doors shouting fire.

Gerry’s quick action no doubt saved the lives of so many residents whom some didn’t seem to know what was happening. After a few minutes Gerry could feel the effects of breathing in the black smoke left the building after advice from another passer by who was also helping out who had a fire extinguisher in his hand. Local residents who were evacuated from the building watched in horror as the fire began to take hold. The apartment where the fire was coming from is facing the the old halting site had it’s window left open which wasn’t helping the situation.

Up to six fire trucks were quickly on the scene and within one hour of the fire starting it was put out safety. There was no reports of any fatalities or any body been hurt. An ambulance which was called to the scene left at 12:45pm with nobody on board. Gardai are also on the site as with members from the  ESB network. An investigation is now underway. It’s believed an electric fault could of started this fire but its just to early to say. Some of the fire engines began to leave the site at around 12:50pm.

Image Sourced From Google Images.

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