Prime Bling Says Welcome To The Villa.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide would like to say hello and a big welcome to The Villa . The duo who are  homegrown Irish are making a bit of a name for themselves with their current release and only very recently last June 2017 making their debut appearance headlining a gig in Whealn’s here in Dublin. So “Blingers, lets meet these lads.

The Villa are:

David Daniels &  Stephen  Doran.

Their genre is rap and hip hop with a twist of electronic music:

Hometown: Leixlip, Co Kildare  & Sandyford, Co Dublin Ireland.

Status: Independent:

Quick Bio:

The Villa only very recently released their new track ” Hooked ,which is available to download now on spotifty, and iTunes. They will be releasing a new video for their current single hooked in the next couple of weeks.

They also recently played at the recent Dublin Pride Parade event which saw the closing stages been held in the Smithfield area of Dublin over the last weekend.

These lads looked very comfortable on the stage and had no problem reaching out to the 60,000 strong crowd. They had no problem engaging with the crowd getting everyone who was there  up on their feet.

They really put on a good show and one would only have to look at them to feel their energy , their presence on the stage was really infectious and you just knew it was going to be a good show.

You can catch the lads who will be appearing at the Castlepalooza Festival, Charleville Castle in Tullamore, here in Ireland over the up and coming bank holiday 5th August.

After they released their debut single titled ” Stronger, they received very positive feed back and reviews. In June of last year they made their debut and headlined Whelans here in Dublin and this was followed by playing the Leixlip Festival. The Villa, have songs on all major digital platforms including spotifty , i tunes,  and on You Tube, do check them out. Other songs they have released in the past include Stronger, Sunlight & Time. Here is a link to their face book page give them a like and or a following and you will be kept in the loop with future releases, gigs, etc ( )

Here is their latest track “Hooked have a listen its very good and enjoy!!!!!


And this is their debut single ” Stronger enjoy!!!!!

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