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Prime Blingers, Prizes To Be Won.  By Alan Finn

Win, Win, Win only with ” Prime Bling, & interactions.

A survey which is been carried out by ” Motor Traffic Control Center, in association with interactions, would like to ask Prime Blingers who drive or who may have been passengers, in either private cars, or may have been a passenger in a taxi,) to take part in a survey.

This survey is also opened to people who were passengers on public transport including buses, or have been passengers on private buses, who have used  the “Jack Lynch Tunnel, in Cork City Ireland, or the “Dublin Port Tunnel ,in Dublin City Ireland, and the Motorway Networks, anywhere in Ireland including, Northern Ireland. 

Anyone who fills in the survey can win prizes which include an i Pad Mini, and other great prizes.

Click on this link to see what other prizes are up for grabs,

The survey will take no longer than 3 minutes to complete and you will be asked to submit your answer in a yes, or no answer, or on a scale out of 1 to 5.

All data collected will be used to improve our roads, and tunnels.

Motorway Traffic Control Center have commissioned research to establish customer satisfaction with the 3 areas listed below, and would be interested in your views via this link.


Please Click on the link below for the survey & Thank You Prime Blingers

1. The motorway network and the manner in which it is being managed.
2. The Dublin Tunnel.
3. The Jack Lynch Tunnel.

Everyone who takes part can enter to win an iPad Mini, amongst other prizes. The survey is open to everyone who has ever been on a motorway in Republic of Ireland.

Prize window closes end of October, we will announce the winners at end of November 2016. 

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Winner Of Third Place is a driver by the name of Billy who is from Munster and he wins himself a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.

The next draw for Samsung Galaxy Tab A E 9 will take place next Monday 12th December and the draw for the first prize of an i Pad Mini 2 will take place one week later on 19th December.

We will keep you posted on the results good luck

Its not to late to enter for the remaining two draws click on the link (   )







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