Protest @ Garda (HQ) Phoenix Park Dublin City Ireland

Public Demo Outside an Garda Siochanna Head Quarters: by Alan Finn.

Its Sunday 2nd October 2016, the sun is out and there are people strolling about happy to be out in this sunshine. Its a little past, 3.20 pm and I am in the Phoenix Park in Dublin City. I can hear the animals as I am very close to Dublin’s Zoo. Its not the Zoo that I came to see today its a building very close to it its known as the Garda Head Quarters, aka Irish Police. This building has been picked out, especially for the purpose of an event which was previously published here on your favorite on line digital platform Prime Bling (PB ) This event was hosted by by a group known as (ACT ) Anti Corruption Taskforce here is a link to that article ( ACT, To March On Garda Head quarters http:// ( ) ACT To March On Garda Headquarters

At about 3.30 pm directly outside the, Garda Head Quarters, people just seemed to pop up from nowhere. The figure was about (100)  it could of been less but not more than the figure. The (HQ ) in the Phoenix Park, is a bit of a walk from the main road, and no public buses pass by, so who ever turned up either did  either in a car, cycled, or walked. The figure was a low turn out in my view for a public demo, but who ever was there made some kind of history as it was the first time it was held here at the Garda HQ, here in Dublin City Ireland.

People from all walks of life turned up for this event. Normal housewives, mothers, families, relatives, of people who died while in, Garda custody in and around Garda stations through out Ireland. There was a very powerful message from this event, people wanted justice for their loved ones who they felt  where denied to them while their loved ones where suddenly taken from them.

Not all the, alleged victims who are dead, died in a Garda station, or died in, Garda custody. But it was pointed out that there was a possible Garda cover up with most of these victims, and possible cover up by political figures here in Ireland. This event was also to cover alleged Garda corruption.

Mary Boyle, who was then just, Six years old when she disappeared, In South Donegal here in Ireland, in March of 19-77, while ruining a errand for her mother,  Mary’s plight was represented at this demo. Despite a huge media coverage, Mary’s killer(s) were or was never brought to justice. There was repeated talk at this public demonstration that a member of a political party here in Ireland could of been involved with six year old Mary Boyle’s murder.

Dublin Mother, “Dolores Murphy, was also there her son Keith is also dead. Keith was in Garda custody here in the Dublin 8 area, of “Dublin City,  and it was alleged that, “Keith was released from custody, but somehow he ended up dead. Dolores feels that the Garda have not been honest with her about her son’s death.


Emma Kelly, was also at this demonstration, Emma and her family strongly believe that the murder of her brother John Kelly, is been covered up. Below is text that I used taken of the internet written by Emma, as she describes the events leading to up “John on the night of 15th October 2008.   
The night of the 15th of October 2008, our 24 year old brother John Kelly was on his way home from Kildare to Dublin, as he was working with his brother in-law Declan, the next day. John left Athy, Co Kildare, by Train at 9. 35 pm and travelled up to ” Dublin City.  John made his way on the train to, Huestown Train Station.While on the train John, was chatting to a girl and asked could he make a call from her phone as his was battery dead. John made two calls to Declan his brother in law but Declan’s phone rang out, John also made another two calls to an unknown number. John arranged earlier that day for “Declan, to collect him when he got to Dublin. John arrived into Huestown Station at 10.55pm.

For reasons unknown to us John made his way to Britain Quay, and ended up in the water where he died. On the 16th of October around lunch time, John’s body was recovered from Britian Quay. When Garda informed our mother about John’s death, she asked how could this happen. Our mother was told by the Gardai that the night previous one phone call came in at 12.28 am to say there was screaming and shouting at, Britian Quay, our mother was told when the Garda arrived on the scene the Garda threw “John a rope but John could not reach out for it. 

It would appear that in less than two hours after John Kelly, got off the train in Huestown train station he would be dead, and or in the water.

This demo outside the, Gardai HQ, here in Dublin City, was not getting any public coverage from any of the mainstream media television here in Ireland, despite it been a very touchy subject. When I was there I counted up to 6 Garda, on the inside of the main gate. There was another Garda marked car with two “Garda, inside across the small roadway, where they stayed till after this demo ended.

Small white wooden crosses, with names of people who have died while either in, Garda custody, or who died in suspicious situations, their names where wrote down on the cross. Each cross represented a victim, and there where some crosses, marked in felt marker, Unknown. A prayer meeting was held outside the Garda HQ, for all the victims who had died. A letter was then handed over to a member of the Garda, who was stationed inside the main gates, and who did give his name when requested. He was given a letter and asked could he pass it over to the, “Garda Commissioner, Norirn O’Sullivan, this Garda did inform that he could not directly serve it to the Garda Commissioner, as he was assigned duty under her directly but it would make its way via through his ranks . The letter to the Garda Commissioner, insist that she resigns. A copy of that letter was read out.

It reads

F.A.O Noirin O’Sullivan, aka addressed as ( For The Attention Of )

Today we the people of Ireland, Demand your immediate resignation. We believe that in your career you were party to cover up’s of murder in Garda custody as well as failing to investigate murders in Ireland for unknown reasons. You have risen to Garda Commissioner as Ireland’s Garda Force and have risen to top the ranks as one of the most corrupt police forces in the world. Innocent people are framed and jailed under your watch. Garda sell drugs under your watch. Garda corruptly cancel penalty points under your watch. Your command is rotten and guiltily of corruption and you are unfit to supervise Ireland’s Police Force.  You should resign immediately and return all your ill rotten gains to the public purse. You are a disgrace and a public humiliation and should be on trail for crimes against the state and citizens of Ireland. You are the cause of  many breaches of human rights and are a mafia don. We have enough as a nation and we want you gone. The pain and the misery you are responsible for is incomprehensible and your collusion with the judiciary has not gone unnoticed. You will always be remembered for your role running one of the most corrupt police forces in the world. Suicide is rampant within our small country and I believe you as a commissioner have played a large part in it. Even your own troops have become victims through bullying. It’s time Noirin O’Sullivan you cleaned out your desk and signed yourself straight in to Dochas. (A.C.T, Anti Corruption Taskforce will make sure you are accountable and the rest of the criminals destroying our country. We demand your immediate resignation today. The crosses that we have with us today are a reminder of your failure and guilt to the Irish people. Yours Sincerely A.C.T, Anti Corruption Taskforce.

While word for word was wrote from this letter, a couple of mistakes where noted and changed for publication.

This article material was collected while I was at this public demo. All material I collected was done purposely for (PB ) Prime Bling.

There will be a video uploaded very soon on today’s public demo.

Image by Alan Finn.


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