Public Demonstration Called To Support The Medical Use Of Cannabis Oil

A public demonstration has been called for in support of the the campaign, cannabis for medicinal use regulation bill, Which will happen in Dublin City later this month. This demo has been called for in support the cannabis medicinal use regulation bill and will be held outside Dail Eireann on Wednesday 29th March at

People Before Profit Political Party now known as Solidarity have called for this demo in support to a public campaign now fast becoming known as” Make It Medicine Make It Happen.

Also this demo supports the very recent case involving an Irish mum Vera Twomey who is from Cork here in Ireland, who actually walked from her home city of Cork to Dublin City.

This walk is actually about 260 Kilometers and it took several days to do stopping in various counties across Ireland including Kildare.

Vera Twomey, along with (PPB) TD Gino Kenny now known as Solidarity, Walked from Cork to Dublin City in a bid to get Irish health minster, Simon Harris to make available cannabis oil for the treatment for her sick daughter who suffers from a medical condition known as ” Dravet Syndrome.

Its been allegedly that when her daughter was given this oil which is also known as (CBM) there are great improvements with her condition which is another form of rare epilepsy, and her daughter was reducing the daily amounts of fits and in some cases to having no fits at all.

Vera who had to use a wheelchair for the last stages of her journey did manage to have a meeting with Mr Harris the day she made it up to Dublin 7th March 2017.

This oil has been proven to have great health benefits, not only people with epilepsy, but in some cases people who are suffering with pain on a daily basic and people who suffer from various illness including Cancer, Chronic Pain Suffers, from Neuropathic Pain to basic migraine, Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatism, Post Traumatic Disorder, to name just a few that have claimed positive results when using this oil.


This Demonstration will take place on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at directly outside Irish government official work place building’s just on Kildare Street off Moleworth Street here in Dublin City.

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