Public Meeting With TD Brid Smith, Mary Smith & Ivanka Antova a big hit with locals.

On Monday 25th June 2018 People Before Profit (TD) Brid Smith (pbp), along with Pro Choice Activist from Belfast, Ivanks Antova and Mary Smith, chaired a public meeting in the F2 Center, Fatima here in the Dublin 8 area. This meeting which was titled Women are rising what next after the repeal ?.

This meeting was fairly well attended and up for discussion included women’s equality, and also up for discussion were topics close to all of us were affordable housing, equal pay and decent jobs, and affordable childcare.

This meeting attracted a fairly decent crowd of 22 people been 11 women and 11 men. Also lending support to this meeting were Anne Phelan from Clonturk Community College and Paul Buttler from the Dublin 7 branch of Educate Together. This meeting also covered education, the Catholic church control establishments, including possible control of the new maternity hospital by a religious nuns order.

After the chair’s finished the opening stages members of the audience were invited to ask questions about the various discussions that were highlighted. The recent refremendent which saw up to 1.4 Million people vote was one of the biggest turn outs and in Dublin South Central the vote was 75% in favor of the yes campaign.

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