Prime Bling (PB)

Public Support March For Jobstown 27 Held in Dublin City

Its a Saturday afternoon 22nd April 2017 and its a little past Prime Bling (PB) Is outside the central bank on Dame Street here in Dublin City. The reason we are there is on a social media invite to lend support to an ongoing court case to what has become known in the public eye as the Jobstown 27.

The first thing (PB) Noticed was the sheer amount of people who was there to lend their support. All you could see was banners, flags, and posters.

The Jobstown (27) who are accused of false imprisonment, and or kidnapping, of Irish Labor TD Joan Burton. This case has been ongoing now for a few years and has been dubbed a media circus here in Ireland. These allege charges resulted from an incident that occurred in (2014) here in Tallaght, a large populated area of Dublin City.

Some off the Jobstown 27 trial’s will begin this Monday 24th April, here in Smithfield Dublin City, and support was called for in solitary. 


After a quick speech outside the bank which it’s been alleged that the jurors who were sworn in for this up and coming case where not selected fairly and where not selected if they lived in the Tallaght area, here in Dublin City, they were not selected if they took part in the recent water marches and or anyone who has spoke out against the water charges or where engaged in any way against the water meteors and or water charges and anyone who spoke, or wrote, about the above subjects, including blogging etc

The crowd then left Dame Street to walk the very short distance on to St Stephens Green where a stage area was set up. There was plenty of Gardai about ( Irish Police Force ) They went ahead to direct the oncoming traffic and despite best efforts they couldn’t contain the flow of traffic coming down South George Street.

We all walked up Georges Street then out on to Exchequer street, then on to Wicklow Street and finally up on to Grafton Street.

As it was a Saturday afternoon Grafton Street was very busy with shoppers and they all looked stunned as the crowd of about 1,000 marched by singing their chants. The buskers on Grafton Street had to dive for cover pulling down their amps, and musical instruments.

We made it up on to St Stephen’s Green where a stage was set up the march was led by Irish TD Paul Murphy who is also one of the Jobstown 27 and who was one of the speakers at this event.

We had music from Dubliner Don Baker who gave us at least three tunes and a very well harmonic performance. We then had a few speakers from all across the boards see list below of speakers who took part in this event.

We also had on stage people who are apart of what is now known as the Jobstown 27. Each person said what they were charged with and each of them requested a fair juror.

Everyone in the crowd held up a piece of paper that had an X- Printed on to it. All were asked by Paul Murphy to hold it up and keep it up if they were from Tallaght, had anything to do with Tallaght, was active in the recent water charges, etc Everyone was left holding up their piece of paper over their head it was then at this point that Paul explained that’s how the jurors were selected. They were selected once they had nothing to do with Tallaght, the water meters, and or the water charges.

What (PB) Seen today in Dublin City and thinks about this case.

If the Irish state thinks this is water under the bridge when it comes to supporting the Jobstown 27, They could be wrong. The sheer amount of people who turned up for this public demonstration was huge in numbers.

This event ended at 2.55 pm


Dame Street.

(Scott Masterson)

(Stephen Nugent  NRBU )

(Rose Sinclair)

(Bobby Ballagh)

St Stephens Green.

P. Murphy

Don Baker

Tom Fitz ( Unite)

Damien Harris ( Labor Northern Ireland ) 

Image Credit : Prime Bling 


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