R.R.R Roofing

With the bad weather now behind us and summer on the way it may be time to tackle all outside jobs in and around your garden. You may have to tackle some outdoor painting or maybe lay a new patio no matter what has to be done in reason you may be able to do it yourself.

So what happens if you need some work say your roof are you able to tackle this yourself? If no then maybe its time you bring in (R.R.R ) Roofing, Renovations, and Restorations. Founded here in Dublin City by the same family who are still running the business today.

James Hamilton is the 3rd generation of this business and he is the father of two children. Jame’s believes very strongly about giving back to his community and has been employing people from disadvantages backgrounds and disadvantages areas and has not only given them a chance with employment but has trained many a young people giving them a fresh start in life with a new trade.

(R.R.R) Roofing, Renovations, and Restorations is a highly skilled form of craft trade and Jame’s is very dedicated about delivering to all off his costumers past and new. If you need any type of work done on your roof including Relaying Tiles, Installations, Chimney Repair, and or Guttering Services, etc etc  Think no further than (R.R.R ) Who will call out to you when you are ready and tailor suit a plan around your needs.

Why You Should Fix Your Roof?

A defective roof can be extremely dangerous and cause damage to your property and belongings.
Regular roof maintenance can prevent further damage to the rest of your property and extend the lifespan of your roof.
A leaky roof, left untreated can cause damage to your attic and ceiling, your electrical wiring and can result in the spreading of mould and dampness throughout your home.
If you notice staining on your ceilings or walls, particularly around vents and corners, you may have a leak. Our experienced technicians can find the source of your leak and carry out any necessary repairs.

Remember (R.R.R ) Roofing, Renovations, and Restorations can fully accommodate all your roofing problems you can telephone them in Dublin City ( Office 01-6726-071 or mobile on 087-6125-141. You can also contact them by email, James@propertycare.ie

All Work Carried Out By (R.R.R ) Is Fully 100% Guaranteed.


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