Ritz Brothers Rock St. Andrew’s Community Centre Rialtlo Dublin 8.

Image Credit & Story by: Craig Anderson.

Thursday the 26th of July 2018 saw the amazing Ritz Brothers coming down to St. Andrew’s Community Centre in Ushers, Rialto, here in the Dublin 8 area to perform for the Centre’s annual Summer Garden Event. The event was held in the St. Andrew’s Garden, which is maintained by the Rialto Men’s Group and organised by Dublin City Council and St. Andrew’s Community Centre.

The weather was lovely and sunny, the garden was packed to capacity and the craic was mighty. The Ritz Brothers, who entertained the locals with an interactive singing experience crooned throughout the event, serenading people with versions of “Have You Seen Her”, “The Auld Triangle” and other beautiful songs.

A whopping record number of local people turned up for this free event, which is one of the many free community events to be held and hosted by the center.

St. Andrew’s Community Center is located at number 468 South Circular Road just Of Dolphins Barn Cross. St Andrews Community Center hosts a number of Community Events during the year, with the Summer Garden Event being one of the main events held through the year.

Like many events held in St. Andrew’s, the food was done by the kitchen staff of the centre, who also do the meals for the Rialto Day Care Centre and the local Meals on Wheels service. A mixture of luxury topped crackers, sandwiches, cheese platters, cakes and fresh fruit were served to guest from the mix of Andrew’s Staff and local volunteers, all of whom worked around with smiles on their faces and a spring in their steps.

All of Andrew’s evening events are BYOB (Bring your own Bottle), while bottle openers, glasses and ice were provided to anyone whom required them, as well as a selection of non-alcoholic drinks for people to avail of. The set up was lovely, with jugs of lemon and lime infused water, a display of fruit and glasses as people walked in.

The event began at 7:30pm, and people began to leave around 9:45pm. As I previously said, the weather was immaculate, and while a little gust of wind may have flown through once or twice, a majority of the night was lovely and warm, with the shaded garden ensuring that no one got too overheated.

For anyone wishing to know about future events in St. Andrew’s, contact the main building on 01-453 0744 or email centremanager@standrewsrialto.ie


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