Seven Accused Jobstown 27 Start Their Trials in Dublin City

It’s Monday 24th April 2017 its just past when Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide arrives outside the criminal court of justice on Parkgate Street here in Dublin City.

Today marks the start date when some of the alleged suspects including seven suspects who are all apart what is known in Ireland, today as the Jobstown (27) began their trials. The seven men appeared in court to start their trial with the jury been sworn in. These suspects who one is a TD here in Ireland (Paul Murphy) are accused of falsely imprisoning another TD known as Joan Burton and her assistant Karen O’Connell at a protest in an area known as, Fortunestown Road in Jobstown Tallaght here in Dublin City in 2014.

Joan Burton and her assistant were at a community event a graduation at a education center known as An Cosan when they became trapped by protesters after they left this center.

Its allege that Ms Burton was trapped in the car that she was been driven in by a group of protesters who sat down and around her car preventing the car from leaving. At one stage during this allege offence Ms Burton was taken out of the car she arrived in by Gardai and put into a Garda jeep. Its believed that the stand off lasted up to 3 hours.

Up to 27 people have been charged with these allege offences and today Paul Murphy (TD) and six other men appeared in court to start their trial. A jury was sworn after a selection which saw up to 30 people been excused. The jury now stands at 7 men and 5 women.

Support for this case here in Ireland is very strong and today up to 150 people met in another area here in Dublin City, Smithfield and marched the route up along the luas line to the court. By the time (PB) Arrived most of the supporters where inside in the court room. The court room was so packed that people had to stand outside in the corridor.

There was also support outside the courts and (PB) Got talking to some of these people who agreed to talk to (PB) For the purpose of digital publication. ( Ray ) Who traveled from Clondalkin here in Dublin City, did so to show solitary. Ray believes that the our government are a (Do Nothing Government) and he strongly believes that our country is completely gone downhill under their watch.

Another lady traveled up from Tralee, Kerry here in Ireland and despite ruining for a train in nearby Heuston train station, felt she had to stop by and show her solitary. Catherine who is also a member of the (Right To Water Campaign, Tralee, Kerry) Stressed that everyone in Kerry who is involved with various campaigns are all behind the Jobstown 27. She wished the crowd well before ruining off to catch her train.

Just after 6.15 pm the accused all came out of the court they allowed to have photographs taken but because their case is now ongoing they could not make a statement. Despite earlier worries about the jury not been selected fairly its now been ruled that people from the Tallaght area are allowed to be selected as a jury as well as some restrictions. Its believed that these trials will last up to 6 weeks.

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