Sit In For The Homeless Public Demo To Be Held In Dublin City

A public peaceful demonstration, sit in, is to be held in Dublin City next week to address housing issues and to highlight an outgoing case that is currently going through the homeless sector.

This public peaceful demonstration, sit in, will take place this Tuesday 28th February 2017 from, here on Wood Quay in Dublin City.

Ongoing Case Currently Going Through The Homeless Sector involving a Mum with children. 

Ronda Sheldreck is currently living in accommodation which is unsuited to her and her families needs.

The text below was sourced from a fb page titled, Sit In For Housing and was used for the purpose of this article.

Families forced to live in poverty and displacement.

This Tuesday 28th, of February, 11:am, @ Dublin City Council (DCC) Offices here in Dublin City, there will be a solidarity sit in held with Ronda Sheldreck to demand that Ronda and her family get adequate housing from DCC that will suit the families needs.

Ronda so far has only been offered B&B’s on the opposite side of Dublin to where her community is and away from her child’s school.

Since Ronda and her family (who are on the medical priority list for social housing), was illegally and violently evicted from her home by a private landlord, have been living from the support and solidarity of supporters with no adequate support coming from DCC.

Councils are meant to help the needs of the people, instead their bureaucracy upholds the interests of landlords, hotels and B&B’s.

Ronda and her family are part of the ever growing many that are forced into housing displacement, enough is enough. Funding to meet people’s needs instead of funding for landlords and businesses.

We act in solidarity and as a collective of people suffering either from hidden homelessness, forced evictions, forced onto HAP schemes, rent allowance and on the endless lists for social housing.

We as a collective will take action weekly at DCC – Dublin City Council until Ronda’s demands are met.

All are welcome, No Party or Organization Banners Allowed and please leave the Ego’s at home.


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