Sudden Post office Closure In Rilatlo Causes Problems For Elderly & Local People

Local people living in the. Rialtlo area of Dublin 8, have learned that their local post office will not open again after it shut its doors. The shop closed its doors for the final time during the week without informing any of their costumers.

Local costumers some who are old age pensioners turned up to collect their weekly pension only to see a notice on the shop window urging them to go to another post office in nearby Dolphins Barn, to collect their pensions. Some of these old age pensioners are using walkers and canes to get around and can not afford the extra walk distance which is a good ten or more minutes away in nearby Dolphin’s Barn.

Local people have hit out at this move saying it was very sneaky and they felt that the rug was pulled out from under them.

Local eirigi councilor, Damien Farrell stressed that he will be contacting Jeremy Godfrey who is Chairperson of the Commission for Communications Regulation and Denis Naughton the Fine Gael Minister for Communication, Energy and Natural Resources and I urge anybody else who has issue with this to do the same.

Anyone who is effected by this sudden closure can go to the next post office which is located on Dolphin’s Barn, here in Dublin 8.

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