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In recent times we have seen a huge increase with people committing suicide in Ireland. It gotten so bad that very young children are committing suicide. We have seen young girls in particular some as young as thirteen talking their own lives.

Anytime we hear about anyone after committing suicide, we all feel some kind of connection, even if we don’t know the person personally.

It’s a very depressing and a very sad time for their family who are left picking up the pieces.
And most of the times they may not even be able to pick up the pieces because they may not be able to piece it together.

Ask anyone person who has been effected by suicide, why their loved one did it, and the most common answer would be, they don’t know.

Below is a table of help centers in and around Dublin and Ireland, who will be able to help you should you require their services.

Phone Numbers and Bases

Pieta House Ballyfermot, Dublin 10 `Phone 01-6235-606
Pieta house Dublin North Phone 01-8831-000
Pieta House Lucan, Co Dublin Phone 01-6010-000
Pieta House Tallaght, Dublin 24 Phone 01-62000-20
Pieta House Tipperary, Ireland Phone 0505-22568
Pieta House Galway West, Ireland Phone 093-255-86
Pieta House Kerry, Ireland Phone 066-7163-660
Pieta House Mid West, Ireland Phone 061-4844-44
Pieta House Cork, Ireland Phone 021-4341-400

Your Mental
Free Call The Samarthians on 116-123 Txt 087-260-9090 24/ 7
Suicide Prevention
1 Life Free Phone 1800-247-100 or text the word help to 51-444

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