The Healing Fungus aka Kefir Milk

The Healing Fungus By Alan Finn.

The healing fungus or Kefir milk, as it known as is a probiotic drink, its Organic that you prepare at home using the fungus.
Its very good for you if you suffer from any stomach problems such as bowel, panacrtics, or even the digestive system.

Its also known as “The Gift Of Life. And should you ever source it, you should never have to pay for it. If you know the person who is giving you the fungus, he or she will explain how to take it and look after it.
Anyone who has it will tell you once they look after it it will double its size every 20 days. Once your portion has grown you can half that with the next person who wants it, their portion will double as so will yours. Because it doubles in sizes every 20 days there is always enough to go around, once you look after it.

What is the Healing Fungus?

The healing fungus a live fungus that looks like a mini cauliflower, or rice pudding. You take it for the amount of 20 days, break, then take it again.
It has been around for over 3.000 years, and it’s believed monks in Tibet, use it, as well as different Cultural backgrounds.
It will give you energy and if used on a regular basis it can boost your immune system, it’s organic and has many other health benefits.

How Do You Prepare It?

You need a plastic container with some form of lid
You need a plastic food drainer
You need a glass or a plastic cup
Water and Milk
Plastic Spoon,or a wooden spoon
A measuring jug.

The 1st thing you do once you source it, is to leave it in a plastic container, and leave it standing in the shade for a least 24 hours, try and leave the lid a little loose so it can breath.
After the 24 hours put out a glass bowl, or a glass, to drink out of it, and put in the plastic food strainer over the rim, pour in the contents into the drainer , the drainer will collect the fungus, that will look like mini cauliflower, or rice pudding.
The rest of the liquid will fall into your glass. Once all the liquid has fallen into your glass, take the strainer and hold it under the cold running water tap, let the fungus get cleaned while you gently shake the strainer under the cold running water.
While the water is running through it, get a plastic spoon or a wooden small spoon and gently turn it around. Do not use a metal fork, spoon, etc this will kill the fungus, any metal will kill it , including sink surfaces, etc

Once it’s cleaned leave it on top of a plastic or wooden surface, the container that you had it in for the last 24 hours will have to be washed out. Again using cold water rinse out the container, try and not use any chemicals as it may harm the fungus if it’s not washed out propelly. Once its washed out it’s now ready to be used again for the fungus.
Put the fungus back into the container using the strainer.

Get your measuring jug, and messaure out 4 Oz, of water throw that over the fungus, then get 4 Oz, of Milk and put that in to.
Store out of sunlight and do not put it in your fridge. When storing it for the 24 hour period, try and leave the lid open just a little bit this enables the fungus to breath.

Now pick up the glass of liquid which is the milk, and water, that was put in the day before, on top of the fungus and drink it back.
It’s white in color and it can taste like milk starting to go off, but because it was left in with the fungus it will be infused with the fungus, and that’s where the goodness comes in. It’s a probiotic drink, and it’s very powerful.

If this is your 1st time to use the fungus after a about three days you will feel your energy levels lifting. This effect will only work the first time, but the healing aspects of it will continue throughout the duration of the time you take it.

You should take it for 20 days, stop for 10, then repeat. In between your stopping days, you still have to clean the fungus, just repeat the cleaning with the cold running water, but you will have to ditch the liquid, or if you wanted you could give it to a family member, or a friend, and introduce them to the fungus.
You can check online about the healing fungus, or Kefir Milk, as it’s known in the USA there are many video’s on you tube, and plenty of information on the net.
Here are some links

Metal of any kind will kill the fungus, don’t let the fungus come into contact with the metal. Don’t use the hot water tap for washing the fungus, or its container this too can cause problems for the fungus
Try and not use any chemicals when washing out the containers, example washing up liquid, etc they have chemicals in them and they can cause problems for the fungus if not washed out propelly washed out

If you haven’t got any suitable plastic containers just yet to store your healing fungus, when starting off just use the type you get when you buy ready made soups from your local supermarket or use a yogurt pot.
Always use plastic or wooden spoons, if when you’re cleaning the fungus while the cold water is running over it.

Never have to pay for the fungus, it’s also called the gift of life, and it’s a gift to anyone who needs or wants it. If desired you could get the person who gave it to you a small gift to say thank’s but that is up to you.

The milk you buy in your local shops is good, but if you can get your hands on milk that comes from Goats, or Sheep, that would be much better, as these animals are known to graze only on grass.
You could also try Soya Milk, but try it in a small amount to make sure its all OK to use, as I have never used Soya milk myself

If you live in the Dublin area, or anywhere in the Ireland, and would like to get your hands on some healing fungus, info@Prime, and I will do my best to get it to you, you will have to collect it.

Video Links Sourced from You tube
Images, Alan Finn


  1. Dear Alan,

    I am very interested in getting the mushroom and start drinking kefir on a permanent basis. I would be extremely grateful if you could provide it for me. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hello Vladimir thanks for your message about the Kefir milk. I would live to give it to you, but I no longer have it. Google it you may be able to pick it up in a health shop I wish you the very best with your search & thanks. Alan bye

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