The Life Of A €20.00 note

The Life Of a €20.00 note was wrote by” Dubliner ” Daniel Lynch. Its a story based on a bill, aka currency note, as it makes its way around various handlers including owners.

Daniel has kindly given ( PB ) permission  to put it up I hope you enjoy it.   Edited by  “Alan Finn.


My first memory is a dark one, one of sitting in a cold dark room with bundles of other notes. After what seems like a long time the lights came on and everything changed.

First we were taken out of this room and put  on a trolley. At first my bundle all stayed together, but this was not for very long.

We were then split into smaller piles and put into a draw. I did not stay here for long. I was taken out with a few €10.00’s, €20.00’s, and €50.00’s, we were all folded up and put in a bag.

There was so much stuff in that bag, that I could hardly move and the smell was sickening.

I was in and out of this bag a few times before I was given to a kid for his birthday. I had thought the bag was bad, but the kid nearly killed me.

This started when he crunched me up and held me in his hand all day.

He would then show me off to his friends and just about everyone he saw. After this he at last spent me in a shop.

Here I met up with one of the other €20.00 from the drawer. I was not here for long as I was given out for change. Now I was put into a wallet with other €20.00’s, €50.00’s, and €10.00’s, but I did not know any of them.

Later that night we went to this club and the €50.00’s were first to go. Then when I thought it was my turn to go, I was taken out on my own.

I was then rolled up in to a tube, stuck up someones nose, and had white powder sucked up through me. I was then passed around three or four times.

I was then opened up and licked clean. At this stage my watermark was spinning, but I felt I was a €100.00 note.

This happened two or three more times.

By now I was the last one in the wallet and then given to a taxi man. He just put me in to his pocket where there was more €20.00’s and €10.00’s.

The next day I was brought back to the drawer like the first one I was in. Back to the cold, dark room where it all begin.

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