The Millie Mangan Cancer Fund

Rapper Aid By Alan Finn.

Cale Smith, the up and coming Irish Rapper has become so touched by 3 year old, cancer victim ” Millie Mangan, that he has donated all of his music that he previously released.

3 year old Millie Mangan, has type T cancer and will need help with funds to help her on her way to treatment.

Cale has started of a public campaign, he is selling off CD’s he has plus he is also selling his music on line in digital format giving all the cash he hopes to make over to the sick 3 year old, Millie.

Millie Mangan, who is also from Dublin City, has stage three lymphoma T cancer, and various public and social media campaigns have been set up.

If you wish to buy any of the music you can buy a copy of his Development EP, by going directly to his own fb page  to buy the EP, in a Cd format from his fb page it will cost you €5.00 for the EP, plus P+P.

You can also buy his EP, in digital format for €5.00 or €1.00 per track on

Cales campaign has gotten off to a good start but he wants to make it a much better one.
We at Prime Bling, would like to wish Cale Smith the very best with the campaign and will inform you how its going.

Watch out for Cale Smith’s profile coming soon to ( PB ) Prime Bling the platform for anything up & coming.

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Here is a copy of one of the tracks you can buy in aid of Millie, the song is called ” In This Story, taken of Development EP, by Cale Smith


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