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The True Facts About Energy Drinks – Sugar, Calories & Caffeine

Most, if not all energy drinks, have sugar in them. Some may have more than others but all of the energy drinks referenced below have large amounts of sugar in them.

Take a can of Red Bull, that has a whopping 27.5 grams of sugar added, whilst a can of Blue Spark energy drink has slightly less at 24.5g.

No matter what way one wants to look at these popular energy drinks, they can be really bad for you. Not only do they have high sugar countings, among other added ingredients they are also bad for the waistline.

Here are the facts:
Red Bull – 27.5g sugar / 110 calories / 80mg caffeine
Rockstar – 39g sugar / 167.5 calories / 80mg caffeine
Monster – 27.5g sugar / 80 calories / 80mg caffeine
Emerge – 24.5g sugar / 110 calories / 75mg caffeine
Blue Spark – 24.5g sugar / 112 calories / 75mg caffeine
Relentless – 27.5g sugar / 112 calories / 80mg caffeine

Drinking too much of any fizzy drinks is bad for you, but drinking too much energy drinks is worse. There are studies that have shown that energy drinks affects peoples health. This has included people nearly going blind after consuming large quantities of energy drinks. Other health issues include heart problems, that can actually lead to heart failure.

On top of all those problems these energy drinks, like all fizzy drinks, will cause very bad problems to your teeth.

So the next time you’re thinking of drinking an energy drink, think again, and think about these facts.

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