Thousands take to the street over homeless in Dublin City.

Figures of around 3,000 people took to the streets in Dublin City on Saturday 9th March to highlight the current situation on the homeless crisis. This event which was hosted by “The National Homeless and Housing Coalition, saw the large crowds march and meet up at different locations in and around the city including city hall and the GPO.

The crowd who met at the GPO, temporary blocked traffic on O’Connell Bridge forcing public services like the Luas to come to a stand still. The crowd then all met up and marched down the quays pass custom house then on to Samuel Becket bridge where the was a poster drop ceremony with flares.

While walking down the quays the protesters sang and chanted slogans like ” Leo, Leo, Leo, Out, Out, Out, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Out, Out, Out, and chanted Enough is enough, no more people sleeping rough, Raise the roof, Not the rent, What do we want, Homes For All, When do we want them, Now.

Bob Marley’s song Get Up and Stand Up was also played over the speaker while marching down the quays with the crowd engaging in.

This event was well attended not only by protesters, but groups from various left wing political parties, community action groups, migrant right organizations, and homeless charities and families with young children with some of them holding up some of the banners at the front of the march behind the main banner.

This event ended near the Samuel bridge at around 3.20pm after a quick talk by housing activist and people before profit councilor Tina McVeigh.











Image Credits: Prime Bling.

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