Time For Change Public Demonstration Planned For 12th September in Dublin City.

A public demonstration has been called by a group known as Yellow Vest Ireland. This Planned demonstration titled ” Time For Change, will happen in Dublin City, Saturday 12th September.

The information below was sourced from the Yellow Vest, Ireland fb page:

Hosted By: The Yellow Vest, Ireland.

When: Saturday 12th September 2020 starting at 2:pm

Where: Custom House, Dublin.


Public · Hosted by Yellow Vest Ireland.
The “Time for Change campaign continues” as Yellow Vest Ireland prepare to take to the Streets of Dublin once again on the 12th September 2020..
Assembly will be at the Historical Customs House Dublin at 2:pm and will depart at 2.45pm sharp.
Bring your Tricolors and your Yellow Vest as we unite for the day to defend freedom, protect our civil liberties and our human rights.
We all know by now that the corruption across the Irish government and the establishment is endemic and systemic and it must end.
We united must now show the government and Ireland that we will no longer stand idly by. Join Yellow vest Ireland and help us continue the campaign Time For Change to create a more equal and inclusive Ireland.
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