Unique Lives Stage Production Comes To Dublin City

Unique Lives a stage production will be coming to Dublin City starting this month. Catch John Cleese aka Faulty Towers hotel manager, with Colonel Chris Hadfield, Alexandra Cousteau, and Mia Farrow, as they take you on a journey that will be a 4 part set production.

Each of the four individuals will take you on their own unique story starting with Colonel Chris Hadfield who will start the series using rare and stunning photography from space. Mia Farrow will discuss everything from the late Frank Sinatra to divorcing Woody Allen. Alexandra Cousteau will bring you on a journey with our environment issues and John Cleese, who will bring us some comedy to this special event.

This production will be staged in four plays / separate dates starting with Chris Hadfield on Sunday 22nd January, Mia Farrow will be up next on Sunday 26th March, then we will have Alexandra Cousteau on Sunday 23rd April, then finally John Cleese, on Sunday 28th May 2017.

This production which is known as Talk Theater will be staged in the Board Gais Energy Theater here in Dublin City on the above dates. All acts will then have an open Q+A at the end of their slot.

Tickets for this show are priced from €20.00 and you can pick up your ticket from Ticketmaster.ie  Or by credit card phone booking here in Ireland on 0818-719-377 and outside Ireland including UK & Northern Ireland on 0844-248-5101

Please be advised that by buying tickets from ticket outlets you may have to pay extra for charges for handling fees etc

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