Heroin Needle Lying On Pavement

Untitled (Poetry) The Relationship Between Heroin Addicts and Dealers

This poem was wrote by Dubliner Bob McGrath. It wasn’t originally written to be published but I thought it was very good and deserved to be published. Bob was given a task to write down words, and either do a poem or a story, and he came up with this poem. It does not have a title, it’s just a collection of words [Alan Finn].

The Sixties was when the gear came, life has never been the same
It arrived on the streets, like a great disease
We prayed to our lord, to save us please

Mayhem, chaos, betrayal and fashion, I dreaded this life with a passion
Through all the hurt and all the tears, the time will come to face our fears
Big he ponders about his wealth, and I ponder about my mental health
And as I score in the pouring rain, does anyone know of my terrible pain

I seen the drugs come and take my mates, my hopes for me it, won’t be too late
This life for them, is about power and greed, unlike me, I have a habit to feed

All paranoid in this relationship, a colt 40, hanging from my hip
Now as I slip beneath the quilt, I am riddled with this awful grief

Surrounded by this scary madness, It fills my heart with grief and sadness,
The barron’s struggle for control, while I struggle to save my soul

Now many years now and it’s very late, Listening for the sound of the garden gate
I weep for my children and my dear wife, How dare me conflict upon them this terrible grief

IMAGE: Eric Molina

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