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In Ireland today if one thing can be noted it has to be up and coming musicians we have so many that it would be fair to state that we are spoiled. Prime Bling, (PB) has compiled a list of up and comers who we have seen over the years who should definitely hit main stream media in 2017 having used 2016 as their breaking year or where busy writing new stuff for us to hear.

Read part one of this story staying with groups, bands, part two will include rap and solo artists

Motion Control

We first head of to Pearse Street an area just of the docklands in Dublin City and meet Motion Control. This group is led by Dubliner Conor Hamilton. This groups style of music is Indie, Rock, and Pop and anything in between. 2016 saw these lads find themselves, and write their own stuff. Already we have had two releases from them in 2016 one of them is a killer tune titled ” Dirty Colours and their more recent one ” Alice. Motion Control is one of these Dublin based groups who if you have not seen them play live yet do yourself a favor and go and see these guys they will be very busy this year as they are going on a UK tour. I can see big things happening for Motion Control this year



Staying in the Pearse Street area of Dublin we say hello to AWOL Active, this 3 piece group just totally rock it. Led by Simon Heapes, and two brother’s Conor and Andrew Boland. I have seen these guys play live and they are just totally brilliant. 2016 was a busy year for this trio not only where they busy playing live they actually released their very 1st EP, titled Unestimated which has been favorably been received and you would think Gary Moore was playing the guitar on this EP. I can see big things happening for these guys. Since last meeting AWOL Active they were a three piece group but lately they have added a new member known simply as Micheal Cleary


Also emerging from the docklands is ” Runamo this five piece are big into Indie and take inspiration from Arctic Monkeys and Radio Head to name a couple.They were known as Evil Empire and only last year changed their name to ” Runamo. They have a few recordings under Evil Empire, and they too are very good live. I have seen them loads of times and they certainly know how to rock it live. They have a decent following too and I’m not surprised as they have a real energetic presence about them when they play live. Runamo should easily see big changes for the good happening to them this year

The Lee Harvey’s

The Lee Harvey’s are a Dublin Based group who like to preform Punk, Rock, and again anything in between. The Lee Harvey’s are a mature band with all members been over the age of 50. Up to last year there was only three of them and they brought in another member. The Lee Harvey’s are off to Germany this year as part of a tour and bigger things should happen for them.


The Klares

The Klares, in 2013 I first came across this very unique 4 piece group who were finalist in a competition. They hail from Blackrock Co Dublin and they again take inspiration from the Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys, and one only has to listen to their music to understand why. The Klares have been going for about 4 years and just like U2’s story they all met up in school. Expect big things from The Klares because they are going to be huge they will become not only big here in Ireland but worldwide


Litehouse, I first came across these guys last year as they supported The Klares. Despite me never hearing or seeing these guys before I was floored they just totally rocked. They are Indie, with a slash of rock, when they supported The Klares they brought with them a big following, expect to see more of Litehouse this year this group from Monaghan here in Ireland can rock it. I look forward to see them again play live soon and if anything is to go by their last show this four piece should come back and rock it again do check them out they spell their name like this Litehouse


The Stoles

What can I really tell you about this three piece group well they are in to Rock and they are like a cross from ACDC to Guns N’Roses and despite only seeing these guys play live just the once they where load and noted. The Stoles only at the end of last year signed a record deal with a record label from North Of America. Do expect to see and hear a lot from them this year

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