Venison barbeques a big hit with the homeless people in Dublin City.

Venison meat in burger form was distributed out to homeless people over the last three weeks in Dublin City. The  (WDAI) Wild Deer Association of Ireland, in association with Premier Game Ltd, held barbeques at Lamh Failte, Helping The homeless, outreach stall on North Earl Street, here in Dublin City for the past three Saturday evenings starting on Saturday 26th June , Saturday 3rd July, and ending Saturday 10th July.

The idea behind these barbeques was put into action as early as off March this year, when ( WDAI) member and volunteer Amboise McKay, contacted ( LFHTH) Lamh Failte Helping The homeless, about sponsoring these free barbeques. Alan Finn team leader with (LFHTH), thought it was a great idea, and over the past three weeks over 1,800 burgers were served out at these barbeques.


These barbeques also made it to main stream media news including live coverage by the “Dublin Live on the 1st Saturday 26th June, and getting a nice spread by the Independent news paper on Tuesday 13th July, and getting air play time on national and local radio stations.

Many service users and people in need were tasting venison meat for their very first time. There was plenty of positive feedback from the service users many returning week after week for the burgers.

( LFHTH) Would like to thank all the members and volunteers from the ( WDAI), Premier Game Ltd, and various business who helped in this food initiative scheme. The ( WDAI) & Premier Game Ltd, will at a later stage return back to the outreach for another round of barbeques. They have also donated venison burgers to volunteers who cook for ( LFHTH).

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