Video Shot Outside Minster Of Finance Office In Dublin City

This is a video that was shot outside the minster of finance office in Dublin City on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 as part of a march organised by hosing activists Home Sweet Home & Irish Housing Networks. The video was shot by Prime Bling (PB) and it tells a story about a young lady who was only out of hospital and who was homeless and was put into unsuitable emergency accommodation here in Dublin City. As the homeless crisis worsens here in Ireland one has to ask a question is the current Irish government doing enough to tackle homeless head on? Or are they just throwing away cash into hotels B+B’s emergency shelters, etc knowing that they are only putting a plaster on a deep wound that needs to be stitched propelly once for all.

This video tells it as it is and despite best efforts to shoot it without any shakiness, as we had no tri pods we hope you will enjoy it.

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