Video’s That were shot outside department of justice and equality Dublin City Mary Boyle 40th Anniversary

These are the video’s that were shot outside the department of justice and equality building in Dublin City on Monday 20th March 2017. We where there for the case now known as Justice For Mary Boyle.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide was there covering the progression of this public march.

Mary Boyle is Ireland’s official longest missing person. Mary Boyle is missing (40) Years this year. We originally were going to publish the letters in digital format that were read out outside the department of justice and equality here in Dublin City but (PB) Decided it would be better to publish the video’s that family members and friends read as they are the same letters.

The 1st one is of Joe who is a family member of Mary Boyle. The video was shot without a tripod and a boombox so its a little shaky and you may have to hire up the volume.

The 2nd one is of Emma Kelly the sister of John Kelly who drowned in the docklands of Dublin City under very suspicious circumstances.

Main Image include family members of John Kelly (Emma ) Mary Boyle’s twin sister ( Ann) We also have Anna Harvey & a member of Fr Niall Molloy family (Bill Maher)


Image & video credits: Prime Bling

The other two video’s will follow soon!!!!!!!


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