Walk Of Hope

Walk Of Hope              Alan Finn.

On the 10th September 2016,  which is this Saturday coming and which is also  “ International Suicide Prevention Day, there will be a couple of events happening in and around two major areas in Dublin City, Ireland.

A walk of hope will take place for those who have  lost loved ones, and friends to suicide. This walk is to remember suicide victims who you lost, but who we have never forgotten.

You can meet either in,” Ballyfermot, at the Liffey Gaels, or at the “Tree of hope in Pimlico, here in the, Dublin 8 area, both assemble meet up’s at 6.pm, and then walk up to Richmond Barracks, where both groups will meet up and there will be a candle lighting ceremony and you can release balloons, this ceremony will be  at 8 pm sharp.

Richmond Barracks is in the  Inichore area of Dublin 8, Just beside  where St Micheal’s flat complex used to stand, and directly where the health center is.

All who attend are asked to bring a candle, and a personalized Yellow balloon, for those who you want to remember. You can personalize the balloon by using a marker, before blowing it up. Some shops like the party ones may do this for you and then fill your balloon with Helium gas.

This event has been organised by ( SF ) The, “Sinn Fein Party, and you can contact your local TD, or Councillor for more information. This event is open to everyone and we hope to see you there.

You can also contact Senator Marie Devine, at maire.devine@oireachtas.ie and “Aeongus O’Snodaigh (TD ) aengus.osnodaigh@oireachtas.ie

No Health Without Mental Health, working  with (SF ) Sinn Fein Team.


If you are feeling, depressed, or may be you are a bit down, or you need help here is a list of of centers in and around Ireland, that will help you. (http://www.primebling.com/suicide-helplines-links-lifestyle/ ) this original article was sourced & written by myself for your favorite on line web page (PB ) www. Prime Bling.com

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