Waterford Whispers News Live!, Vicar St – Saturday 6 October 2018.

Aiken Promotions in association with Schweppe Curtis Nunn present

Waterford Whispers News Live!

Vicar Street

Saturday 6th October 2018.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am!

Aiken Promotions and Schweppe Curtis Nunn are thrilled to announce the world premiere of a brand new live show from the outrageously popular satirical website Waterford Whispers News this October 6th at Vicar Street, Dublin.

With previous headlines like ‘Jesus Not Coming Back by the Looks of it, Admits Vatican’; ’Dozens Injured in a Stampede as Second Checkout Opens in Lidl’; and “North Korea Lands First Ever Man on the Sun‘, Waterford Whispers News is everybody’s favourite daily dose of online satire acquiring more than 14 million readers last year in pretty much every country in the world (except of course North Korea).

So sharp and incisive are the headlines, that Waterford Whispers News has made the actual, real news on many occasions, with pastors in America’s bible belt railing against the Jesus story from their pulpit, while Lidl’s German management team told their Irish staff that they never wanted to see headlines like the stampede story again and several media organisations like CNN reporting the North Korea landing a man on the sun story as fact. 

But more than that, Waterford Whispers News‘s writers offer smart and funny insights into the unique oddities of what it is to be Irish with stories like: ‘Will Gay People Eat My Children? & Other Referendum Questions Answered‘; ‘Cork Confirms They Have Better Floods than Dublin‘ and ‘Stormy Daniels Killed In Syrian Airstrike.

There’s an inspired darkness that sometimes comes through too with pieces like ‘Bodies of 800 Children Were “Just Resting” in Mass Grave, Claims Catholic Church’ and ‘Woman Next to You on a Plane Doing that Annoying Quiet Crying Thing’ referencing to the 8th Amendment.

All of this means that Waterford Whispers News has become an Irish institution, read and shared all over the world, so much so that we often refer to real headlines as being like “something from Waterford Whispers”.

All of this brilliance is now being developed into a stunning live show set in a newsroom in a parallel satirical universe, but one that’s strangely familiar. A WWN news anchor flanked by weather, sports, foreign affairs and celeb reporters present a rapid-fire, subversive, rollercoaster of a production, along with some of your favourite Waterford Whispers stories, and even more new ones specially produced for this no holds barred live show.

Tickets priced €28 go on sale this Thursday, April 26th from www.ticketmaster.ie and usual outlets nationwide.



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