Welcome to modern Ireland it’s 2018.

This is a poem that I’ve written about the issues that seem to be affecting modern Ireland in 2018. It’s titled Welcome To Modern Ireland it’s 2018. I hope you like it.

Welcome to modern Ireland it’s 2018, The home of the black stuff and the folklore leprechauns. Welcome to modern Ireland it’s 2018, The home of the garden of Eden in Wicklow, and the lush mountains of Donegal.

It’s Ireland that we stand proud and proud we all should be, but just below the surface is a crisis which seems to be worsening with each passing and every new day.

Thousands of young children through no fault of their own, stuck in emergency accommodation wishing with their little beating hearts that their parents be given a key to their future a new home.

Welcome to modern Ireland it’s 2018, it’s exactly102 years since the last rising that our country has really ever seen, When so many sacrificed their life’s so we could live ours more freely. Yes our country is really suffering how many are actually free?

All we ever see is sleeping bags dotted in and around our town’s and cities, people sleeping in doorways, and in lane-ways while so empty buildings lying idle, this is really a raging despair. People having to depend on non profit charities like ” Bridges Of Hope, Volunteers, who give up their time on a weekly basic help look after the homeless people here in Dublin City on a Saturday Night. While our government’s and their cronies are living it up in their nice big and warm houses and not worrying where they will be sleeping and whats there to eat tonight.

Yes Welcome to modern Ireland, it’s 2018, while the poor of this country are suppressed, It’s the working class that are paying to keep this country going while the Irish rich get richer, some living on their yachts that are not even docked in any Irish bay, paying very little in taxes and laughing all the way.

Welcome to modern Ireland it’s still 2018, Millions of Euro’s pumped into the private rental sector keeping the profits all rosy and cozy for the well paid who are in the golden circle. Why would the state want to fix the crisis? When some TD’s are landlords, and the golden circle are all hoteliers who own these lovely fancy hotels sure its the Irish taxes that’s whats keeping them with their weekly pay and their very high pay rises.


Welcome to modern Ireland it’s still Twenty Eighteen, and still so much to play for if your still chasing the dream. Lets end peoples misery if they have a sickness and can be cured using cannabis medical oils lets make it possible without them been criminalized is this really fair?

Lets get rid of the old ways and bring in a new change. Lets end the crisis that people face while having to Que for days to get access to medical treatment especially if there is an out break of the flu, and that’s if your lucky enough not to pass away while waiting to be seen in the accident and emergency waiting rooms.


So welcome to modern Ireland, were still in Twenty Eighteen, another homeless person has been found dead, why did they have to die on our streets? It could of been easily fixed.

Welcome to our modern Ireland its still 2018, The land of the saints and scholars, and the best we have ever seen. It’s not too late for change, its never to late at all.

We need to stop banks from selling to the vulture funds and landlords from evicting tenants because off their personal greed of higher rent increases.

We need to elect a new Irish government, Get rid of the ones who are failing us in the Dail, one’s that will make a positive difference, change, stand with her people, a nation once again.

Lets end this homeless crisis, and all the long waiting hospital stays to our accident and emergency waiting rooms, lets be ready for the modern Ireland in 2019, and beyond lets make Ireland great again.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.

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