What A Year 2016 Was To The World Of Music

2016 was a year that held its mark when it came to musicians who have passed on. We lost some great musicians some maybe at their time and a good few well before theirs

2016 started off then came the news that David Bowie had just passed away at the age of 69. Then we had the news that Glenn Frey also passed away in January. Glenn was a member of the american group The Eagles. In April of this year the world was stunned to hear the news that Prince had passed away due to an overdose. Prince collapsed in a lift never to regain conscious.

In November of this year Leonard Cohen passed away. Leonard was one of these musicians who was also a poet. Just as we all celebrated Christmas Festivals word had came through that George Micheal had died on Christmas day. Below is a list of some of the musicians we have lost in 2016

January 2016

David Bowie,

Glenn Frey, Who was part of the group The Eagles

Otis Clay, Who was a Soul Singer

February 2016

Maurice White, A member of the group Earth, Wind, and Fire

Dan Hicks, Who led a 1960’s group titled Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks

Sonny James, Country Music Musician

April 2016

Prince Roger Nelson aka Prince

November 2016 

Leonard Cohen

December 2016 

Rick Parfitt who was a member of the rock group Status Quo

Gorge Micheal, who was a solo artists and was the other half of the 1980’s pop group Wham


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