White Line Protests

White Line Protest’s: By Alan Finn.

Two white line protests are due to take place here in the Dublin 8 area off next week. The two protests has been organised by the Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 Says No groups. Following a public meeting this evening at, St Andrews Community Center, in Rialtlo, It was agreed that these two protests will go ahead to raise awareness for public support for one of the Jobstown 27. This case is due for a sitting at Smithfield Children’s Courthouse, next Friday week 21st October 2016.

The first of these white line protest will take place on Wednesday 19th October at 5.pm in Rialtlo Village, while the second one will take place the day after Thursday 20th October on Dolphin’s Barn bridge, also at 5.pm.

The Jobstown 27 has been dubbed in the past as been a media circus, and it’s strongly felt it is a waste of tax payers money.

There is also another public demo called for the day of the court sitting, on Friday 21st October 2016, over in Smithfield square, here in Dublin City, according to reports on social media pages including fb.

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