Who should be held accountable when a homeless person dies in the Irish system.

Its Thursday 30th July 2020 and already over the last 24 hours or so two homeless people have been reported to have died on our streets, here in Ireland. Over the last 10 or so days we have seen 7 homeless people die either on our streets or in the homeless services. In the early hours of today the latest allege victim a male to die on our streets was found dead in a tent in Cork, City. This is the second death of a homeless person in the past 24 hours. Early on this morning another victim also a male was found dead at around 2:am, near St Stephens Green, here in Dublin City. Its believed that this man was not a regular homeless person but found himself in a situation beyond his control last night and couldn’t get any accommodation prior to his body been discovered.

Just over a week ago two women who were living in the same hostel north of Dublin City, were found dead in this establishment. One of these women was found dead in her bed while the other was discovered on the premises communal garden grounds. Both of these women died within hours of each other on the same day.

Ireland, is not a third world country we have so much resources and yet we have a huge problem with homeless. Homeless has been around for hundreds of years and in the last 20 or so years it has gotten worse. We went from having a problem to hitting a crisis status. We have seen so many changes in our political governments from coalitions to independent parties leading and yet we have seen very little or no change at all when it comes to the homeless. There are thousands of people on the local authority housing lists which seems to be moving very slow or not at all for some people. In some cases people been told they could be waiting up to 10 to 15 years before they are even housed. While families are waiting to be housed there are thousands of empty houses, flats, apartments, lying idle around the city of Dublin, and nationwide.

Its not rare anymore to see families with young children living in some kind of emergency accommodation. These families are expected to share communal kitchens, etc with other service users, this alone can causes other problems. A lot of people who are living in various emergency accommodation houses,etc suffer with mental health issues, and a lot of them would also have addiction issues. Any children living in these establishments will on a daily basic witness people with addiction issues and or witness people having episodes, this is not good for the children or their families.

There also seems to be very little services been offered to homeless people who suffer from mental health issues and or who are depressed. If a person is having an episode the only help available to them it seems is a long wait in the local A+E hospital waiting room before they even get to see a doctor, and in most cases the person is sent back out to their environment with little or no follow up system in place.

With now so many deaths in the Irish homeless sector who should be held accountable if they die in the Irish system?

Image Credit: Prime Bling.

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