Who will be my sweet Valentine by Alan Finn

Its the 14th Of February St Valentines Day, Its early morning and the mist is lifting while the promise of sun is promising.

I heard the flap on my letter box go, and then hear something fall and hit the ground.

I make my way to my front door and sure enough there is a red addressed envelope looking lonely on the ground.

As I bend down to pick it up my excitement beginning to grow, Could this be from my sweet Valentine, the one who I don’t know.

I do recall the handwriting and I also see a stamp.

I carefully hold the envelope feeling around the edges, savoring this sweet feeling that has become from deep inside me.

I bring it in to the light where I like to sit and read, straight away I see it was sent from someone close to my home town

I tear away at the envelope opening it very slowly thoughts of been wanted, adored, fills my mind with hope.

The card itself has a red heart cover with a bow going through, I open up the card to see it doesn’t contain a name.

But there are many verses inside reflecting on what could been real. The verses paint this dull picture giving off vibrant colors on what could be if given half the chance.

I put the card away where I keep all the other ones which where sent to me.

For every St Valentines Day they always come who from I don’t know, but I hope its my sweet Valentine

Perhaps this could be you?


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